Tapas Gastrobar Review

Tapas Gastrobar Review

We visited Tapas Gastrobar, Grzybowska 63, 00-844 on 20th February 2016.

Tapas Gastrobar was referred to us by a native Spanish speaker. I spent over one year in Spain, so I was looking to reliving some of the tastes of Spain, let’s see if it lived up to my expectations.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference. TAPAS gastrobar is within walking distance, it took us about 20 minutes to walk there with the help of Google maps.

You can easily find it next to the entrance of the Hilton Hotel. Here are some pictures of the outside:

Prices and Menu

There is one menu presented in three Languages Spanish, English and Polish. It was a very nice touch to see that Spanish was the main highlighted language of the menu.

Tapas Gastrobar is one of the only Tapas bars that we have came across in our travels of reviews around Warsaw, so it is difficult for us to compare it to our Tapas bars, but we can compare it in just terms of overall price for a meal.

We ordered:

– La Don Quuote
– Fried Calamari
– Spanish omelette with Chorizo
– Las Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce)
– A jar of chocolate and four churros (Dessert)

Our total bill (without drinks) came to: 81zl

This is great value for money! We review a lot of different restaurants within the same area, and they average around 100zl without a dessert.

We also ordered a red wine and small beer, total drink bill: 13zl

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We arrived on a Tuesday about 18:00, but as we were seated, we were told that the table was reserved for 20:00. One hour is more than a enough to spend here, but it was nice of them to mention it, so not to surprise us later if we decided to stay.

The place was very busy and lively, but after placing our order we only waited less than 10 minutes before our food was being served. Everything was brought out at the same time.

Our first dish to try was the Fried Calamari, it was perfect and ticked every box! It was full of flavor, the batter was crispy, but didn’t take away from the texture of the squid. The portion size was great too, we would recommend this as a sharing dish or for those who are a extra hungry.

Next we moved on to Las Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce). The potatoes were the correct size to easily pick up with a fork and eat in one bite. They were light and fluffy, and not heavy on the stomach. At only 12zl it was a good sized portion. The sauce was a little bit too much for me personally. It was full of flavor and great flavor at that, but every single edge of the potatoes was covered and it wasn’t possible to taste anything but the sauce.

Don’t worry about the word ‘spicy’ in the menu title. This dish will make your mouth water, but not your eyes. My guest hates spicy food and they loved this dish.

Our next dish to try was La Don Quuote. I now believe them when they said they had a native chef. This dish was the most authentic dish I have personally tasted in Warsaw. The base was firm and crispy, which took some force to break. The rocket perfectly complemented the cheese and the ham was the closest taste of Spain you’ll find in Warsaw.

Our last dish before dessert was a Spanish omelette with Chorizo. The omelette was perfectly fluffy, was easy to break with only a fork and didn’t fall to pieces of the way to your mouth. The dish was not oily, which is a common mistake of poorly created Chorizo based dishes. The Chorizo was full of Spanish flavors and a real treat to be be tasted.

We ordered a dessert of a jar of chocolate and four churros. You have to order churros by a single piece, there is no picture on the menu of the sizing of each piece, but we would recommend about two or three per person. The churros do not include chocolate, and chocolate it was really makes this dish what it is.

The chocolate had a rich and dark taste to it. The portion size was more than a enough for four pieces, you could probably order one pot of chocolate for about six to eight pieces.

The churros were perfect! They were served hot and coated in sugar. They were firm and crispy, perfecting for dipping. We would highly recommend this dish as the perfect authentic ending to a authentic meal.


We arrived without booking a table and were seated instantly. Our waiter was a really nice guy, spoke amazing English, we later found out he spoke amazing Polish and he was also natively Spanish. He was sharing recommendations, explained the different drink options and also was happy to answer a few personal questions we asked him about his home town.

The waiting time was very fast and more than reasonable. Even though the venue was busy, we felt like we were top priory.

Overall, we have no bad comments on the service. They ticked every box in terms of quality, timing and efficiency.

Decor and Atmosphere

Tapas Gastrobar is very nicely decorated, with nice pieces of art work, a very Spanish floor and wooden tables.

When we first arrived, the music was very loud. We were about the ask one of the members of staff if they would turn it down slightly, but before we could a waiter was stopped and another client asked if they would turn it down. After it was turned down to a suitable volume, it created a nice atmosphere and was easy to hold a conversation.

Language barriers

As we mentioned in the ‘services’ section, the waiter was great! My guest was Polish and asked a few questions in Polish and he answered quicker than I could blink.

Tapas Gastrobar is the very first restaurant we have ever reviewed that has a native chef and a native waiter based around their restaurants theme. And on top of all that a native menu! If I was Spanish, I would feel at home away from home.

Room for Improvement and things to note

In terms of room for improvement, there are none. The food pricing is reasonable, the staff are bilingual, the chef is natively Spanish and it is a short walking distance from the city centre! Perfecto.

Something to note though, is that Tapas Gastrobar is EXTREMELY popular. We were told that is very common for every table to be reserved and it is difficult to just walk in and get a table at peak hours. We visited on a Tuesday and every table was reserved, so I can only imagine that the weekends are even busier.

Overall, we were blown away! Tapas Gastrobar has with everything. Beers from Spain, amazing food, great staff and all at a reasonable price. Tapas Gastrobar a perfect location for an alternative first date, a perfect location to catch up with friends or a place to taste the best of Spain without the long flight.

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