FALLA Warszawa Review

FALLA Warszawa Review

Here are Warsaw Local we are big believers in looking towards the future and helping protect the environment. We have moved away from plastic bags to canvas bags, ditched the plastic straws for metal straws and begun using lots of tech tools to lower our power consumption. However, one of the easiest changes that anyone can make today is supporting a plant based diet not only for the environment but health too! We spend a lot of time searching for the best in vegan and vegetarian places to eat in Warsaw and today we have to report that we have found our favorite.

Something we love about vegan restaurants is the creativity that goes in to the dishes. There is always an aim to push new boundaries and break the old stereotype that healthy food means only salads and tofu.

Here is our journey when we visited FALLA Warszawa.

How to Find FALLA Warszawa

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference as it is the tallest building in the city (and Poland!)

FALLA Warszawa is within walking distance of the Palace of Culture and Science and we wouldn’t even recommend trying to take public transport there as it is more confusion and work than just walking. From the Palace it is less than 20 minute walk.

Here is a picture of the outside to make it easier to spot.

Price and Menu

The Menu is available in both a dedicated Polish and English large format print.

As you can see the menus are slightly different. The staff informed us that they take great pride in using seasonal products and changing the menu regularly to keep in sync with what is fresh at the time. On our visit they had just change the menus over the last few days and they were waiting for an updated menu in English.

FALLA Warszawa specialize in vegan and vegetarian food with a middle eastern twist. All vegan dishes are clearly marked with the word ‘vegan’ next to their titles. Anything without this you can assume it is vegetarian.

The menu offers a great selection of sharing dishes and it also personal dishes such as soups and wraps.

We ordered:

Hummus Mix – 28zł
Falafel Plate – 26zł
house-made lemonade – 10zł

Total bill: 64zł

We honestly shocked by the pricing! Our average bill for two people in the center of Warsaw is close to 100zł. To receive a bill almost half this and to have been unable to finish all the food (more about that in the next section) was a big two thumbs us from us.

Our Experience

The first dish we tried was the hummus mix and the pictures really don’t do it justices of how big it is! It was served on a plate probably double the size of a standard dinner plate. We had to double check they didn’t serve us the wrong size by mistake, but it turned out there was only one size. A great showcase of the value for money you can receive eating there.

The hummus was split in to different sections using a range of different vegetables. There were huge slices of turnip, thinly slice carrot, large olives (with the stones removed. Nice touch!), home-made pickles and a range of other standard and exotic veggies. The different flavors of hummus in the mix were:



Carrot and honey


Dried tomatoes

If you really dislike any of these flavors then this dish might not be for you because some of them are almost the same color and it is hard to tell which is which. The one that really stood out is the Coriander hummus as it was green. It was full of flavor as expected. The classic matched up to what you’d expect if you’ve had hummus before. I do have to put a warning on the Chipotle flavor though. It is the darkest of all the five and even as someone that likes spicy, it is in the hot range. My guest really does not like hot food and she stopped eating it after one scoop.

The right selection of vegetables were served with this dish. The large slices of turnip could be used in the same style as pita bread and the same goes for the pickles. Everything tasted and felt fresh. All the vegetables had a good strong healthy crunch to them. Something we enjoyed about this dish is that it presented us with new things to taste that you struggle to find in the major Polish supermarkets. It is always good to spice up your diet a bit and let your body know you’re not boring.

We already mentioned the plate size, but again we need to stress this is an amazing portion size for price. This dish could easily be shared by more than two people as a starter.

Something we discovered on at our trip to Falla Warszawa is that pickles go amazingly with a squeeze of fresh orange on top. A mix of two strong flavors and sharp tangs were very interesting. Falla Warszawa was more than just another meal, it felt like a real discovery experience.

They were not shy with the pita bread too. When it comes to hummus you need a lot of bread for trying different flavors and making your own creations. Between two of us and two different dishes we didn’t run out and we felt it was enough to enjoy the dish to its full potential. We didn’t see the option on the menu to order extra bread but we are sure it is a possibility if needed.

Both dishes were served at the same time. The hummus mix was served on a large plate and the Falafel Plate was served in a bowl. The dish consisted of four large Falafel shaped balls which was among a huge pile of different vegetables from broccoli, to peppers, pickles, oranges and much more. These are not vegetables we ‘normally’ see paired together, but that is what makes this place so unique. They don’t just think outside the box, they smash the box in to a bowl shape and stuff it what they know a veggie fan will love!

Again, the presentation was nicely done, organized chaos would be the correct way to describe it.

The Falafel was warm, dense and fresh. A squeeze of the Falafel gives you the impression that they have not been sat around all day waiting to be bought. They smelt and felt fresh right off the heat. They were easily torn with your fingers and great for sharing. The taste quality was already set high before entering our mouths. It was already clear that a lot of time and energy had gone in to making this dish the best it could be. The texture of the outside was sharp and crispy with the center being soft and almost doughy in texture.

Every forkful of action in to the bowl was a new discovery. Digging through the broccoli and peppers we discovered the whole dish was severed on a bed of what felt like parsley, tomatoes and mint finely chopped up. Very light and refreshing.

Nosy Neighbor

The table next to us ordered a dish that was served in half of a pineapple and it looked really cool! When we go back this will be the dish we will try.

Service and Waiting time

We only spoke with one waitress and she was very welcoming and nice. We booked a table over the phone and when we arrived it had a sign on with the time we requested.

From ordering to receiving our food was less than 15 minutes. Everything was served at once. A good thing to note is that when you are seated they bring a large (free) bottle of water and glasses without asking. This is a plus for us.

Decor and atmosphere

We visited at a peak dining hour, so the place was buzzing and lively.  FALLA Warszawa is decorated in a tasteful yet modern fashion with solid wooden tables, comfortable but weighty chairs and something that really caught our eye is the greenery on the wall. It gave the place an almost secret garden feeling. The flowers on the bar and other plants added to this idea.

There are large windows all the way around letting in lots of natural light and also some funky large bulbs covered the bar.

Language Barriers

As a native English speaker that doesn’t speak Polish I sometimes struggle with restaurants in Warsaw that don’t have English speaking staff but that is not a problem with  FALLA Warszawa. The staff were nice, friendly and welcoming to both me in English and my guest in Polish.

They did have two menus (English and Polish), but there were slightly difference in the English menu because they regularly change the menu to match the seasons and what is best at that time of the year. I was with a Polish speaker than could break down what was missing, however I am sure the staff would have been happy to help too.

Final Impression and things to note

We were extremely happy with out visit to FALLA Warszawa and we can proudly say that this is the best vegan/veggie restaurant we have discovered in Warsaw so far. The service was amazing, the staff were friendly, the venue was nice and clean and most importantly the food was shockingly good value for money while cutting no corners.  FALLA Warszawa gets a full ten out of ten from Warsaw Local!

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