Mąka i Woda Review

Mąka i Woda Review

We visited Mąka I Woda Sunday, 24th January 2016

On the Mąka i Woda facebook page, they claim to prepare their traditional Neapolitan pizza according to the traditional recipes of Italian production. As pizza lovers who has travelled through Italy, these are big claims that we had to put to the test.

Finding the location

We always use the Palace of Culture and Science as a reference point and Mąka i Woda was only a short walk away. It took us about 10 minutes to walk, but beware that Mąka i Woda is not on a main street and you have to walk down a short alley to find it. I recommend taking a Google map enabled smartphone with you, if you’re new to the city.

Here is a picture of the outside of the venue:

Prices and Menu

The menu is doubled sided, and was first presented in only Polish. After asking for an English menu, a full menu was provided.

The prices were very reasonable for the city center and you’d struggle to find anything cheaper within walking distance.

I first tried to order the Raviolo con Uovo, but I was told it was out of stock so I went with another pasta dish called Cavatelli. My guest ordered a pizza called Burrata. With a glass of red (16zl) and a corona beer (10zl) the total bill came to 89zl.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We went at a busy time (Sunday around 18:00), the place was busy, but there were a lot of tables available and we seated right away. After ordering our food, our wait was a reasonable 15 minutes. Pretty much the standard for this style of food.

I first received my Cavatelli pasta dish:

It was very nicely presented. It was served with an egg on top that perfectly burst with the poke of a fork. It was pretty impressive. The lettuce was perfectly crisp and was just the right quantity. The homemade sausage made the dish rich in earthy flavors. The pasta was perfectly cooked. There so nothing I could fault in this dish.

The pizza was served after the pasta dish and I have to agree that they were honest about the ‘traditional recipes of Italian production’. The dough was light and fluffy, the sauce was not too over powering and the cheese perfectly complemented the overall experience.

Decor and Atmosphere

The venue had a very modern, but yet traditional vibe. It was not your stereotypical Italian venue with red and white checkered table clothes and cheesy music. It had a more upscale New York restaurant feel to it.

Language barriers

The staff spoke a high level of English and a menu was available in English.

Room for Improvement and things to note

This has to be one of our favorite restaurants we have reviewed so far in terms of food quality, but I did personally feel there is some room for improvements in the service department. The staff were amazing and very polite, but my pasta dish was served about 3 minutes before the pizza. It would have been nice to have been served at the same time instead of awkwardly looking over one dish. After we had finished our food, me and my guest were having a chat. The waitress asked if we would like anything else, we said ‘no’, but she returned about 7 minutes later and asked again. It felt a little rushed, so we decided to end other conversation early and leave.

Overall, this is one of the best restaurants we have been to! The quality of the food and styling of the venue is perfect for that Friday night date with the wife. We fully recommend!

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