Naam Thai Review

Naam Thai Review

We visited Naam Thai, Saska 16, 03-968 on 26th September 2017

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

It is possible to reach Naam Thai via walking from the city center, but at over 5km we would not recommend it! Naam Thai is in an area of Warsaw called Saska Kepa which is just crossed the bridge of the Vistula river. You can easily reach this location via one bus directly there from the Palace of Culture and Science. Outside the Hard Rock Cafe you’ll find a bus stop, at this bus stop there is a bus called the 507 that will almost drop you off right outside Naam Thai. The name of the stop outside the Hard Rock Cafe is ‘Dw.Centralny 11’ and the stop you should leave on is called ‘Saska 03’.

Here are some pictures of the outside to make it even easier to spot:

Prices and Menu

The menu was presented in both English and Polish.

The spicy/hotness levels where clearly labelled. I personally enjoy spicy food, but my guest doesn’t. In the back of the menu they had a chart explaining what one pepper meant, two peppers and so on.

We ordered:

Spring rolls – 15zł
Famous Pad Thai with Chicken – 33zł
Gaeng Pangang – 34zł
One apple juice – 7zł

Total bill came to: 89zł

The total bill amount is what we have come to expect for two people. It wasn’t overly cheap and it wasn’t expensive.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food

The menu has a nice wide range of food and it is not too overwhelming. Even though the dish has their traditional names, there is also a description in both English and Polish explaining what will be inside the dish.

For a stater we ordered Po Pia Gai – Golden fried crispy Thai spring rolls with Chicken.

They were nicely presented in a star style shape with both a fork and chop sticks. The outside was golden as described on the menu and crispy too. They were light and tightly packed enough for them to be easily picked with chop sticks without the content falling on to the plate. Even without the provided sweet dipping sauce the spring rolls with full of the flavors you expect from a Thai restaurant. The chicken was mixed with vegetables which perfectly complemented dish and wasn’t just there to be a filler.

After we had finished out starter the table was cleared and both mains were brought at the same time. My guest had ordered Gaeng Panang which was a mild red curry with a peanut sauce, cooked with coconut milk, onion and bell peppers. The Gaeng Panang was also served with a bowl of white rice.

The Gaeng Panang was served in what seemed like a small bowl but turned out to be a big serving size. The consistency was not that of a soup, but more of the curry style labelled on the menu. From the top it seemed empty, but a small dig with the spoon helped you discover that there was much more than only curry. There were large chunks of flavorful chicken accompanied by peanuts, very thinly sliced pieces of onion and chunky style pieces of green, yellow and red bell peppers.

On first bite it wasn’t spicy, but over time it developed to become slightly more and more. The Gaeng Panang dish was given a two out of five rating, so I’d probably label any five star dish more as a dare or challenge for a hot lover more than just the mildly spice sort of customer.

The rice served with the curry was just plain unseasoned white rice, but this fitted the curry perfectly. It was served with a large deep spoon so you could scoop up some rice and dip it in the curry.

The other main we ordered was Famous Pad Thai with Chicken. A stir-fried noodle dish with egg, bean sprout and home made pad Thai sauce. There were three options of either prawns, chicken or tofu and I went for the chicken option.

The presentation of the Pad Thai was beautiful. Served on a large rectangle plate it was nicely shaped in to a hill format and this made it easy to just dive right in with a fork. The noodles were lightly tossed in the pad Thai sauce and they were not swimming or dripping of sauce, as a guy that usually wears a white shirt it is something I pay close attention too (splash backs from too much sauce on the plate) but this is something I didn’t have to worry about.

The pieces of chicken were cut in to manageable chunks for both chop sticks and forks that were provided. The noodle portion size was huge! I was really enjoying the dish and there was really a lot of it to enjoy, I am not complaining, if anything it is a complement. If you’re really hungry then this the dish for you.

One thing I really liked that on reflection was not just done for presentation but for customization of the dish was the noodles were pushed to one side of the plate and on the other side were four different ingredients. There was sea salt, chili flakes, peanuts and extra bean sprouts that you easily pick up and sprinkle in to your dish. I felt this was a great personal touch because overall the dish is not spicy. It does not have any spice rating and I personally enjoy a bit of spice in my food, so having the option right there in front of my to pick some chili flakes up and mix in to my dish without having to bother the waitress was great. Oh, and the peanuts are a must! Make sure you mix them in too.

Overall, we were both really happy with our experience at Naam Thai in terms of food quality, portion size, ingredient quality and menu choice. Full recommendation from us.

Services and Waiting time

The service was excellent! The staff were happy to go in to detail when I had questions about the venue and were very knowledgeable on what was vegan within the menu. They were happy to make suggestions when I was unsure.

One thing to note is that we sat outside and we did not enter to let them know we were there. We waited for about four minutes for somebody to walk by but after the short wait we just decided to go inside for a menu and to let them know we were outside.

The waiting time for the food was great considering we were there at a peak time of 19:00 and almost every table inside was taken. We waited about eight minutes for our starters and about four minutes after our starter plates were removed.

Decor and Atmosphere

We sat outside because the weather was nice and because they have a really nice outdoor seating area, but the inside of Naam Thai is just as beautiful as the outside:

Language barriers

As a native English speaker that doesn’t speak Polish I sometimes struggle with restaurants in Warsaw that don’t have English speaking staff or menus only written in Polish but that is not a problem with Naam Thai. The waitress that we got spoke a great level of English and the menu was also presented in both Polish and English so I did not need to request another menu.

Room for Improvement and things to note

Something to note is that this venue seemed very busy even on a Monday night. There was a table outside of two people that wanted to move indoors but they couldn’t because the restaurant was full so we can only imagine that the weekend will be even more busy. For this reason it is worth calling ahead to reserve a table to avoid disappointment.

Overall, we really liked our visit to Naam Thai and enjoyed experiencing all the new flavors and tastes. There are plenty of none spicy dishes available, and also some really hot dishes for those that like to feel there mouth melt. We fully recommend.

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