Tel Aviv Food & Wine Review

Tel Aviv Food & Wine Review

We visited Tel Aviv Food & Wine on 6th September 2016. We visited Tel Aviv Food as apart of our Vegan week challenge. We’ll be posting the video 13th September 2016, so make sure you join us on Facebook to check it out.

As of writing this Tel Aviv has over 100+ five star reviews on TripAdvisor, over 400+ reviews five star reviews on Facebook and over 16,000 followers! We just had to check it out and see what all the fuss was about!

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

Tel Aviv is very easy to find. From the Palace of culture and science it is basically a straight line (after the underground tunnel). It is easy to spot, but here are some pictures to make it easier:

Prices and Menu

The menu was presented in both Polish and English.

I ordered:

Hummus falafel – 21.90zl
Marinated Tempeh – 37.90zl

Total bill came to: 59.80

The pricing was reasonable and standard for the city center. The Hummus might seem slightly high for a starter, but the portion size is aimed more for two or maybe even three people.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food

My first dish was a starter Hummus and falafel:

Before we start, this is a big dish. I’d recommend it to be shared between two people than to be ordered as a single starter.

The dish is served with a warm Pitta bread in a nice basket. The Hummus is perfect it every way. It is creamy, rich in flavor, strong in Israeli scent and slightly warm (which is my personal preference for Hummus). Inside the Hummus was three slightly flattened pieces of falafel. They were warmed and easy to break with the side of a fork. The outside of the falafel was crispy and uniform in color, but the inside was a burst of different colors as we could see the different herbs used. The texture was enjoyable and I would really recommend you try these yourself.

After completing my starter, my main of Marinated Tempeh was promptly served:

The dish came very well presented. It wouldn’t have looked out of place at the top of a sky scrapper restaurant in New York. The Marinated Tempeh was served in the center of the plate and to the left was a small bowl of these tiny fried cauliflower and to the right a similar size bowl of mint and tomato. There dish was also served with a separate fresh coriander salad with camellia oil and herbs.

The salad was a nice touch. It was crispy, chilled and refreshing on the hot summer day that I visited. The flavoring sauce of camellia oil complemented the overall dish perfectly .

The fried cauliflower were a nice touch too, at first I did think they were pieces of pop corn. They were very small, but packed big flavor, but the main part of this dish is the four pieces of marinated tempeh. The tempeh had been marinated in a BBQ sauce with a splash of bourbon. This gave a very rich and deep taste. It gave a much for authentic BBQ taste than the sweetened American style sticky BBQ sauce. The texture was similar tofu but slightly firmer, if you’ve not heard of tempeh before it is an Indonesian dish made by deep-frying fermented soya beans and gives a higher content of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins compared to tofu.

The portion size was use right, it seemed small but with the added extras in the dish I left more than satisfied.

Services and Waiting time

The service was excellent! The staff were happy to go in to detail when I had questions about the venue and were very knowledgeable on what was vegan within the menu. They were happy to make suggestions when I was unsure.

The waiting time was again excellent. I arrive at a peak dinning hour (14:00) and there were many tables occupied, but for my Hummus starter I waited about four minutes and after completing my stater I waited no longer than five minutes for my main.

Decor and Atmosphere

Tel Aviv has a clean and high-end feel to it. Clean white walls, polished wooden tables and not one piece of dirt on the floor. A lot of time and effort is put in to ensuring Tel Aviv keep their professional image that they so well deserve.

As well as a nice indoor place they also include some great outdoor seating area.

Language barriers

Language was not an issue here. All the members of staff we spoke to had a great level of English. There menu is written in both English and Polish, plus their website is in English too!

Room for Improvement and things to note

Tel Aviv is a popular restaurant with locals and with the central location you can almost guarantee that it would be difficult to walk off the street with a large group (8+) without reserving a table.

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