Veg Deli Review

Veg Deli Review

Warsaw Local visited Veg Deli on 5th September 2016. We visited Veg Deli as apart of our Vegan week challenge. We’ll be posting the video 12th September 2016 so make sure you join us on Facebook to check it out.

Veg Deli seems to be one of the most popular vegan/vegetarian restaurants online with almost 14,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and a very positive TripAdvisor page we were looking forward to seeing if all these claims and reviews would really hold true.

Veg Deli is quite central and easy to find from the Palace of Culture and Science. Google maps says 21 minutes and it was pretty spot on as it took us about 22 minutes to walk there. When you enter the street the Veg Deli is on you can easily spot as it is one the closest businesses and when the weather is nice they have a large outdoor seating area.

Here are some pictures of the outside to hopefully make it easier for you to spot:

Prices and Menu

The menu is in available in both a dedicated Polish or English menu.

I ordered:

Tomato tartare with shallots, parsley, caper fruit with addition of white turnip, chiogga beetroot, cucumber, spinach, mustard sauce, sprinkled with sumac – 16zl

Oyster mushrooms from the pan with baked potatoes, blanched spinach with vegan mayonnaise, chicory fry on caramel and red wine – 28zl

Total bill came to: 44zl

The prices were more than reasonable! For the location and portion size I personally found it cheaper than I was expecting.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food

This was my first vegan experience, to be completely honest I can’t even remember the last time that I read the veggie/vegan side of a menu so I felt quite lost. I asked a very helpful waitress what she recommend and it was a toss up between the Tomato tartare and spring rolls. I decided to go with the Tomato tartare:

The plate was presented and I was blown away! This is the most nicely presented starter I’ve seen. At only 16zl, this dish would not look out of place in a michelin star restaurant.

I first attacked the Tomato tartare with the crackers also served with the dish. The chilled Tomato’s where finely diced and easily scooped up. The Tomato’s are what you’d expect, but the whole dish changed when you involved the mustard sauce. It was light, airy and just the right amount of spice to please everybody. I enjoyed the sauce so much that I used it all up half way through the meal, so for the mustard lovers out there it might be worth asking for a little bit more. The served ‘side salad’ of cucumber, beetroot and so on were just standard pieces of vegetables but I was very surprised by how thinly cut they where. These small details don’t go unnoticed.

I wasn’t sure how large the main would be and the starter was larger than I expect so I don’t finish it all to leave space. After a few minutes of the plate being removed I was served my main of Oyster mushrooms from the pan with baked potatoes, blanched spinach with vegan mayonnaise, chicory fry on caramel and red wine:

The mushrooms were served on top of a bed of baby potatoes, the potatoes were tossed and baked with a nice collect of different Italian style herbs. A small amount of blanched spinach was served on the side, but it was just the right amount.

Don’t laugh at me because I am a ‘vegan virgin’, but I didn’t even know vegan mayonnaise existed! I personally don’t believe anyone could tell the difference from regular mayonnaise to this vegan mayonnaise. It was perfect for dunking the potatoes.

The main part of this dish the the mushrooms, they were large and of a very good portion size for the hungry people out there! They were flavorful even without adding anything else such as the mayonnaise or seasoning. They were easy to cut, soft and delicate. They had a strong earthly taste as you’d expect from a mushroom and was a nice change from the standard day-to-day things we see in a restaurant. This is what I like the most about trying vegan is that you’ll try something different from the standard ‘chicken with…’, ‘beef with…’ and ‘lamb with…’.

Services and Waiting time

The kitchen it a sort of semi open styled kitchen were you can see most of your requested delights being created and plated. I sat at the closet table to the kitchen and being so close to the kitchen shaved a few seconds off my waiting time. My waiting time was very reasonable, I was there at about 14:00 and there were about six other tables being occupied. For my starter of tomato tartare it took about five minutes and my main was being prepared while I was finishing my stater. After my starter was taken I waited about four minutes before the beautifully presented oyster mushrooms were served. Overall considering this was some what peak lunch hours and a central restaurant Veg Deli surpassed the standard waiting time.

The staff with absolutely amazing! Such lovely and friendly people. All the staff were happy to explain to me the different options available and help me in my decision.

Decor and Atmosphere

Veg Deli is very nicely decorated and designed, it is quite a small space but they did very good with it. When you enter there are boxes of fresh carrots with the green stems still attached and rustic looking onions, it is small unique characteristics like this that make you think that if even the entrance is this well thought out and planned then the food must be too!

The atmosphere was matched perfectly with light background music. It was at the correct volume that if you came alone you could enjoy it, but if you came with a friend it won’t overwhelm a conversation. The playlist was your standard sort of relaxed and trendy New York coffee shop.

Language barriers

Language was not an issue here. All the members of staff we spoke to had a great level of English. It was really convenient for me personally that they had a dedicated menu only in English. This is something more central restaurants should consider.

Room for Improvement and things to note

Something to note is this venue is not very big. It was would very difficult for say a group of eight to ten people to just walk off the street and expect to get a group of tables together. I would highly recommend calling (733 669 874) in advance to arrange something like this.

Another thing to note is that on the menu some items are marked with a star ‘*’. This means that the dish is vegetarian, but can easily be changed vegan by for example not including cheese on the tacos.

Overall Veg Deli tick all the boxes for Vegan, Veggies and non-veggies alike! The menu is wide, their is something for everybody and the prices are extremely reasonable for the price. We fully recommend Veg Deli!

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