Waniliowa Review

Waniliowa Review

We visited Waniliowa, Władysława Reymonta 15, 01-840 on 27th February 2016.

On their Facebook page Waniliowa labelled themselves as ‘fine dinning’ and with 60+ five star reviews confirming this, we wanted to try it for ourselves and see if it could keep up the standard it has set itself.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

It is not possible to walk to Waniliowa from the Palace. Waniliowa is one of the furthest restaurants were have ever reviewed. It took us about 20 minutes with standard traffic to get there. A nice thing to note is they provide free parking.

It is possible to get here via public transport. From Centrum you can take the tram numbered 26 and according to jakdojade.pl it would take 60 minutes.

Prices and Menu

The food menu was presented as a single sheet of paper in both English and Polish. There was a also a separate drinks menu.

We ordered:

– One bowl of sour soup 15zl

– Venison and potato cake 45zl

– Chicken breast with blackberries 27zl

– Chocolate fondant 15zl

– Cheesecake 12zl

Our total bill came to: 114zl

As this restaurant labels itself as fine dinning, the pricing are very reasonable. Other restaurants that have labeled themselves ‘fine dinning’ have cost about 150-250zl, so 114zl is pretty good, but you also need to remember that this venue is one hour away from the city center via public transport.

Our Personal Experience
Quality of food and Waiting time

We visited Waniliowa on a Sunday at about 18:00. There were only two other tables occupied, so we were seated right away.

Our waiting times were reasonable and what you’d expect from this style of restaurant. Our soup was served within about four minutes, our mains were served about six minutes after we finished the soup and the desserts were served about four minutes after the mains.

Our first dish was a soup starter called sour soup:

My guest was Polish and I am English, my guest recommend we try this dish as it is very traditionally Polish. I was happy I listen. It was a very enjoyable dish, full of flavour and unique tastes. Inside the soup was pieces of sausage, potatoes and an egg. If you’re new to Poland, then this dish is the quickest way to get up to date with Polish food and eat like the locals.

The egg was nicely seasoned, the sausage was a welcomed treat and the potatoes were perfectly cooked! We both really enjoyed this dish.

My guest ordered Chicken breast with blackberries:

Chicken and blackberries is not a common dish, well maybe not common in Warsaw so we were very interested to learn more and see if the flavours matched correctly.

The meat was very professional presented on a bed of potato slices. The potatos with lightly seasoned and an enjoyable extra to the chicken.

The chicken was perfectly cooked and what you’d expect from chicken. It was boneless, bouncy and a good portion size. The sauce was a mixture of sweet and darker flavours. It provided quite a ‘tang’ to the dish, but it was a little overwhelming too. The taste was so strong that you could only feel the texture of the chicken and not taste it. It was differently a new taste for us and we approve it. If you are bored of the same old chicken dishes, then this is something for you.

I ordered Venison and potato cakes:

This dish a very nicely presented. Served with mushrooms and bison grass, this dish would not have looked out of place in a michelin star restaurant.

The main part of this dish is Venison, but it is the potato cakes that impressed me the most. They were nicely presented in a triangle format, the top was firm and crispy, but the potato was light and fluffy all the way through. It was impressive how they kept the same texture all the way through.

The Venison was flaky and soft. Perfectly cooked. Covered in a rich deep sauce it was an enjoyable experience that should be had by all.

For dessert my guest ordered a chocolate fondant:

Labelled on the menu as ‘heaven-hell’ we were interested to learn what the ‘hell’ part might be. The fondant was nicely presented with a raspberry sauce and a small portion of cream.

We are use to fondants being a deep and rich chocolate colour, but this fondant was half brown and half of a bread colour. We were interested to learn more so we attacked it with our forks and all was explained. Inside is half white chocolate and half brown chocolate. I have no idea how they cooked this without the two sauces mixing, but we were very impressed. The chocolate inside was rich with flavour and was served warm. The outside of the dessert was also warm and had a springy doughy feel to it.

It would have been nice to have been served with a little more cream as this was quickly used up in the first few forkfuls.

And for dessert I ordered the cake of the day that on the day we visited was a cheesecake.

This was your standard cheesecake. It was light and airy. It was easy to break with only the side of your fork and had a small orange background taste. It was a very refreshing dessert after such a deep flavored meat dish.


The service was perfect! Order waiter was very polite, explain us through the menu and was helpful in his recommendations.

Our waiting time was more than reasonable. We didn’t even notice the waiting time as me and my guest held a conversation.

Decor and Atmosphere

Waniliowa has a very luxury feel to it. With its tall leather chairs and clean interior it would be perfect for a wedding reception or large business dinner:

The atmosphere was perfect. There was just light music in the background, but it wasn’t too overwhelming as to take away from our conversation.

Language barriers

I was honestly impressed by the level of English by our waiter. As we left the city I was expecting that maybe their level of English wouldn’t be as high as others in the city because they might not get as many tourists, but I was wrong. I would say our waiter had better English than some of the busiest tourist restaurants we have ever been to. Ten out of ten!

Room for Improvement and things to note

There is not much room for improvement at Waniliowa. They have really put a lot of thought and passion in to their venue and menu and it shows. They are changing their menus as the seasons change to keep the products fresh and try to always source from local suppliers.

There are some things to note, when you enter Waniliowa they have a small room downstairs, but the larger space is upstairs. This is something to note if you’re arriving with a large group.

Overall, we were very impressed by our visit Waniliowa. It provided great traditional food at a reasonable price. Waniliowa would be perfect for large parties, but make sure you call in advance as they can get very busy.

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